Line for manufacture of wood-plastic sheets/plates, ЛДПЛ-1200

Line for manufacture of wood-plastic sheets/plates, ЛДПЛ-1200

The line is intended for processing and mixing the thermoplastic materials with wood waste, other fillers and to make of those the facing wood-plastic sheets and plates.

The processed raw materials are the granules and waste of a high-density or low-density polyethylene and polypropylene; the fillers are wood sawdust, waste of rice or sugar or flax manufactures, and other organic and inorganic additives.

This line may be used at the plants of building industry, and motor-car or local industries.

The line provides:

  • manufacturing the sheets and plates with wide range of properties owing to possibilities to change the composition of the material, and also to coat the sheets with films, fabrics, leather and other materials;
  • high operation properties of the sheets and plates;
  • high efficiency of the processing thanks to the using of the recovered plastics and of wood waste in the form of sawdust, shavings, crushed veneer and the others;
  • settling the environmental problems by utilizing and regenerating the waste.

Wood-plastic sheets and plates are successfully used in building. As the beautiful and wear-resistant material, they are widely used for the lining of rooms, furniture, cars and buses, trolley-buses, aircrafts. The field of use of the production that is made on the line is constantly increasing.


Maximum dimensions of manufactured sheets/plates, mm

  • width — 1200
  • length — 2000
  • thickness — 1.5 - 5

Maximum productivity, kg/hr

  • for plastification of a plastic polymer — 150
  • for prepared wood-filled mixture — 220

Linear (kinematic) speed, m/min — 0.4 - 5
Installed power, kW — 197
Consumption of water, m3/hr — 18
Compressed-air consumption, m3/hr — 10
Overoll dimensions, mm:        

  • length — 21000
  • width — 8340
  • height — 3190

Mass, t — 28