Lines for production of the plastic pipes

Lines for production of the plastic pipes

The lines are intended for production of the pipes in polyethylene of high or low density (HDPE or LDPE), polypropylene (PP) and composites materials on their base.

Owing to the high consumption properties of the mentioned polymers, to the wide range of the diameters, the pipes can be used for carriage of gas, water, sewage etc, are employed as thermal-insulating and protective sheaths. The plastic pipes having the large diameter are advantage in gas distributing net-works.

Advantages of the gas and sewer plastic pipes against metal ones:

  • cheapness and simplicity of installation;
  • long-duration working life (50-80 years);
  • resistance to hostile solutions and corrosion;
  • they don't require additional protection, in particular, painting;
  • they don't conduct electric current;
  • they comply with the sanitary code;
  • they can repeatedly be processed.

World and home experience confirms the effectiveness of using the products of the offered lines. In USA the plastic pipes are employed during laying 90% the gas conduits. This decrease the building expenses up to 1.7 time. In Ukraine the laying of the polyethylene pipes gas conduits needs costs almost in four times less in comparison with the conduits of another pipes.