Rubber batch mixers

Rubber batch mixers

The mixers are used at preparation bays of the tyre works or the technical rubber articles plants.

We offer a number of the mixers with volumes of mixing ambers equal to 71, 90, 250, 270, 370 and 620 liters; these mixers have left-hand or right-hand position of the drive.

During operation lasting many years these machines show to advantage. They stand out in reliability and long term service life.

The design of a mixing chamber and rotors, the effective cooling, of working members, an automatic control over the temperature of coolant provide the mixing of high quality.

With due regard for growing requirements to the quality of rubber mixer, the modernization of mixers has been carried out, in particular:

  • the modification of mixers with the 250 L and 270 L volume having the asynchronous motor drives has been developed, this allows to reduce their prices up to 1.5 - 2 times and operating expenses;
  • mixing process control is caring out on base of the programmed controller that allows essentially to increase the quality of the outgoing mixture;
  • new technology of machining the profile, part of the rotors with following polish and chrome plating has been introduced;
  • new four-blade rotors were introduced for mixers with the 270 L volume;
  • it was carried out modernization of the charging and discharging devices of the 270 L and 250 L mixers:
  • discharging device: cylinder diameter of the upper ram has been increased from 500 up to 620 mm, weight of the upper ram becomes cool that leads to improving of the mixture quality - the mixture does not born;
  • discharging device, on the demand of a client, may be made equipped pneumatic or hydraulic drive.

It is planned to introduce:

  • the mixers with intermeshing rotors (INTERMIX);
  • the 270 L mixers with the controlled rotation speed of rotors (from 15 to 55 rpm) and advanced automation means using the asynchronous motor with frequency adjustment;
  • the system of programmed control that uses IC-controllers and allows to change the speed of rotors rotation and the pressure of the weight in the course of mixing process.

The listed improvements upgrade service conditions and the quality of rubber mixes, reduce the cycle of mixing and, as atresult, has raised competitive capacity of mixers.

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