Screw extruders for rubber processing

Screw extruders for rubber processing

Screw extruders of various types are widely used for processing the fjidi rubber mixes at the plants for manufacture of tyres, technical rubber articles, cables.

3 types of screw extruders are offered: the ones of «hot» feed (Russ. abbr. of this type «M CH G»), the ones of «warm» feed («M CH T»), and the ones of «cold» feed («M CH H»).

The «M CH G» machines are intended for processing the rubber mixes or plasticized natural rubber that enter out of the rubber batch mixers and have a temperature of 120 + 200°C.

They are used in lines for preparation of mixes at the plants manufacturing the rubber parts. These machines may have left - or right - hand position of the drive.

The «M CH T» and «M CH H» machines process the rubber mixes having a temperature of 50 + 80°C and 15 - 30°C respectively during their ingress into a feeding hopper.

These types of extruders are employed for manufacture of blanks of the long extrusions including cables.

Application of screw extruders with «cold» feed excludes the need to install roll mill into the lines for preparation of rubber mixes and this decreases:

  • occupied production areas;
  • investments and costs for equipment maintenance;
  • number of the operating personnel.

Extruders of all the types are equipped with the systems of automatic control of temperature and the self - contained heat units in order to keep up the needed temperature mode into the extruder zones.

The extruders having the screws of a diameter up to 160 mm are fitted with feeding rollers.

On request of a customer the screw extruders may be made in «pin» version.