Shaper-vulcanizers of tyres

Shaper-vulcanizers of tyres

The shaper-vulcanizers are designed to shape and vulcanize the diagonal and radial design tyres in collapsible moulds and moulds with equatorial joint. The design allows to reset the shaper-vulcanizer from one standard size ot tyres to another.

Wide range of shaper-vulcanizer (FV) is offered:
40", 45", 55", 63,5", 75”, 88", 100" and 125" - for exploitation at tyre works in manufacturing the automobile and tractor tyres.

Shaper FSD-300 and vulcanizers 1-4500(200"), 1-2300M are manufactured too. They are intended to shape (FSD-300) and vulcanize (rest) super large-size tyres.

Two types of  FV 40" — «KHODOMATIC» and «BEG-O-MATIK» ones, including the machines with vertikal travel of cross-piece and plate heating. According to consumers' demands FV 42", 48" and 50" can be run.

Total modernization of the shaper-vulcanizer is carried out:

  • change of pipelines and valves material with stainless steels 08H13, 12H18N10T - for rise of reliability and life of heat carrier supply systems;
  • development of modern loading devices;
  • in accordance with the consumers' individual wishes, structural provision to carry out vulcanization under 28 kgf/cm2 pressure of heat carrier in a bladder and up to 8 kgf/cm2 in a steam chamber, and using steam or steam-nitrogen mixture as heat carrier in bladder.
  • provision to control the pressure of heating steam during tyre forming-process;
  • rigging the shaper-vulcanizers of modern automation instrumentation, including improved micro-processor devices.