Tunnel escalator ЭTX-3/75

Tunnel escalator ЭTX-3/75

High carrying capacity

Maximum run with minimum maintenance

The long-term operation without any personal presence in the machine room

Passengers security

Modern design

The escalator is intended for transporting of the passengers at the Metro stations. Analogous by design unit may be used as interstorey escalator: in the underground subway; at the high-speed tram stations, in the public buildings.

New generation's escalator ЭTX-3/75 has the following advantages in comparison with the working machines:

  • Increasing of the station carrying capacity - these four escalators may be mounted in the standard tunnel instead of the traditional ones;
  • Power consumption and metal consumption are 30% reduced;
  • Run till overhaul is 3 time increased;
  • Control, check and diagnostics are automated;
  • Space of the escalator rooms is reduced;
  • Volume of building-and-mounting works for metro stations is reduced.


Height of the passengers transporting, m — 3...75
Slope — 30°
Step width, mm — 1000
Output, man/hr — 14040
Installed power, KW — 5.5 - 132
Nominal speed of the apron motion, m/s — 0.75